Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Preschool Art: Cotton Ball Easel Painting Inspired By The Book Mouse Paint

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I found these photos and realized I never shared this sweet little activity with you.
I can't believe how little my sweet "C" is in these pictures. 
She was 4 years old and still in preschool when I took them, 
now she's 6 and starting first grade -- time sure does fly! 
"C" checked out the book "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh from our local library. 
She loved the way the white mice got into the primary colored paint and mixed colors.

We set up our own "mouse" painting station with cotton balls,
a paper plate and red, yellow, and blue washable paint. 
I will warn you that we use a LOT of cotton balls for this activity.

She pretended they were little white mice as she dipped them into the paint 
and dabbed them across the paper. 
She made marks (footprints) and even had fun mixing colors. 

I love making connections with art and children's books! 
This is a great first introduction to color mixing and a delightful sensory painting activity. 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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Our other favorite color mixing book is White Rabbit's Color Book (see below):


Angela Faye Lyshe-Thierry said...

Yes, time surely does fly!! My own children are 23, 22, and 21. I now care for a child in my home daycare who I used to care for his father :-O I love the simple yet fun cotton ball painting activity to pair with the book, Mouse Paint. A bag or two of cotton balls can be purchased at the dollar store, therefore children can use their art processes as much as they want. Thanks for this easy and meaningful art activity.


frost said...

exploring creativity at a young age, that's really good.:)

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